Thursday, June 9, 2011

Nepal Mission Trip 2011

Hello Friends -
On Sunday I will be joining 4 other men going to Nepal. This is a very strategic country for us to reach with the gospel. It is a very small country embedded between India and China. Of the 30 million people who live in Nepal, 26.5 million are still considered unreached with the gospel!!
They are about 80% Hindu and 10% Buddhist. Less than 1% consider themselves to be Christian.
Our overall strategy for Nepal is to utilize our national network of partners to target specific villages with the Treasure in the native language (largely Nepali) - Much of the population consists of oral learners so the Treasure is a critical tool for reaching people with the Good News! We also are identifying appropriate compassion/humanitarian projects that will compliment our Bible distributions. Finally we look for opportunities to invest in the overall leadership development of the church leaders. Having strong pastors and evangelists is critical to the expansion of the gospel in Nepal!!
Here is the summary of our upcoming trip. Please keep us in your prayers!
We will arrive June 7 into Kathmandu. The first 3 days we will be visiting villages in the Kathmandu Valley where we have been doing Treasure distributions. We will meet ministry leaders, learn more about their culture, build relationships and do ministry together. On June 8 we will participate in an all day leadership training for about 50 key Nepali leaders who are instrumental in our long term strategy.
Beginning on June 10 we will travel into the Himalayas visiting villages, distributing some of the 300 Treasures we are bringing and spending quality time with our core Nepali partners.
Thanks for your partnership in helping us reach Nepal with the gospel!!!